Serve & Volley

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox Accolade Racket

Hard to learn but fun tennis

I love the dandy title of this one, Serve & Volley, heh, as if it is produced and built to satisfy some high rolling, monocle wielding gentlemen of the eighteen hundreds! But, nevertheless, when you take a closer look at it and play it for five minutes, the dandy part kicks in even gameplay style! Because, while most of the games that look like this one will have a lot of automation about them, this one gives you, the player, a lot more in terms of choice. You can choose to add topspin to your balls, slice as well, you can choose to try trick shots and more. And while these additions are cool, it is quite hard to learn to use them properly, which is why this game will take a longer time than usually to learn to use. And, I dunno whom would really find that the game offers enough to justify the time investment! Probably some 8bit tennis loving NES nerd dandy! At any rate, if you want the abbreviated version of this game, try Pong, good old pong, that doesn't go out of his way to complicate matters and is much more direct. If you want complications though, see this one game here, it's got a monocle waiting on his nose, just for you!

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