Seven cities of gold commemorative edition

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Role Playing Naval Economic Historical

Strategy game with good adventure

It is a strategy game which supports an adventure theme and has some action as well. The plot is that you will play the role on a Spanish explorer of the 15th century who explores for the Spanish empire. The mission that you have been given this time is to move to some native land in a fleet of ships and crew and earn gold from the natives by interacting with them. You need to make the Spanish court happy with your performance for which you will be playing a lot of role play elements which involves, strategy, trading, interacting and some killings as well. As you start of in the game, you are provided with a fleet that comprises of 4 different ships and around 100 crew men. The ships are loaded with different goods which you will trade with the natives. You have to ploy an engaging strategy to impress the natives and might also have to do a few killings. Every interaction and action in the game is based on a menu which is quite easy to interpret and use because of the brilliant interface that this game has. The graphics though ordinary are fine for this gameplay and the A1 is really exciting. Talking about gold, 7 Cities of Gold is also a brilliant game in this genre.

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