Strategy 1992 Dos Futura World Wars Role Playing

Arcade oriented action; World War II D Day themed

D-Day is an arcade collection of minigames that try to explore the way the famous D Day invasion, a set of missions of the Second World War had come about. Thus, D-Day is all about combat mini missions; in some you will fly planes, in some others you will pilot tanks, in some others you will get other real time strategy minigames/mini missions. It's a cool bundle, in that it never stays in one type of mission for too long; this makes it so that the game is great for playing in chunks, when you don't really have a whole lot of time at your disposal, but you want a game that has a little bit of everything. Graphically, well, it's not the most good looking early 90s game out there, but it sure works well enough. It was released on the home computers of the era, so, go figure, it wasn't really that complicated or complex, but nonetheless, it was good enough for the DOS environment too, so if you are not too interested in graphical detail, the game still manages to create an environment where you get to complete the missions, without hindrance. A good alternative, though not as diverse is the 2004 D-Day, which is more of a classic 3D top down strategy game, but one that deals with the same historical period.

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