Legend of the Seven Paladin

Action 1994 Dos Accend Oriental Shooter Myth and legend

A shooter curiosity for completionits

An obscure and somewhat bizarre first-person action game from Taiwan, Legend of the Seven Paladins sees players sucked from modern day China (or Korea, depending on which version you play) and thrown into the country's feudal past where they become embroiled in a complex conspiracy to overthrow the ruling dynasty. Taking control of one of seven warriors, each with their own weapon preferences including swords, maces and flails, players explore a variety of fully destructible environments and face off against not only the expected enemies, but also some highly cunning traps. Legend of the Seven Paladins is certainly unusual, and is worth playing for its sheer curiosity and rarity value. However, while the various weapons are fun to use and the traps add an interesting element not often seen in such games, the level and enemy design is bland and less than memorable. Graphics veer wildly between striking and downright ugly, with beautiful landscapes sitting uncomfortably alongside drab corridors and office blocks. The headache-inducing movement also takes away from the fun, with the player character bouncing up and down constantly like a crazed frog. Ultimately, the game is a curio not a classic but for true shooter aficionados and gaming history buffs, this is worth tracking down.

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