Shufflepuck Cafe

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Challenges Compilation

Air Hockey for human and AI!

Shufflepuck Café is a cool, fast, forced perspective first person air hockey game, basically a recreation of the arcade game that was popular in the 80s and 90s, and which was like a fast, for real, version of Pong. But, as you can see, the feedback loop turned on itself, and what used to be a digitization of a computer game (which also tried to emulate tennis, the real world sport!) finds it's way again in the digital realm. Now, Shufflepuck Cafe is a pretty good looking, physically plausible game, and also a game that is quite fast. It's both cartoonish and very realist in the physics, but otherwise it doesn't impede playability. Now, as a problem I'd say the animations could have been just a tad smoother, but, I'm pretty sure you'll be impressed with how the game looks, given that it was released no sooner than 1988. So, if you want a recreation of that great arcader, a good and oldie one, with its retro problems yet more than playable, Shufflepuck Cafe will deliver, so do download it, it's more than expected from a game released in the late 80s.

Arcade experience in this mix-up!

Here it is the game that made space hockey famous and fun in arcade gaming world, Shufflepuck Cafe! It's probably one of the famous game in the world and at least every amusement arcade should have one. Believe it or not there is an actual game that is based on space hockey. The game is about you entering a cafe and participating in what look like a space hockey tournament with different human and alien races. The gameplay is slightly like space hockey, with the difference that you don't need to put the puck in any goal post. You just simply need to hit your opponent with you puck. It's a nice idea to alter the rules a bits and it becomes more and more challenging as you progress. The graphics care impressive for DOS standards, but the animation is what steals the show. The expressions on your opponent's face when he/you get hit the puck, the animation of a breaking glass when either or you're opponent are hit etc. The music is good and the sound effects from your opponents' expressions are very well done. So, if you're looking for a great space hockey or arcade game, Shufflepuck Cafe needs to be added to your classic game collection.

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