Questprobe featuring The Fantastic Four

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Adventure International Science Fiction Cartoon Graphical IF

A Marvel graphical Adventure; alright...

Questprobe featuring The Fantastic Four is a text adventure helped by a good portion of additional, comic book style graphics, that does little to make this game more playable than it actually really is, and, also, it is the kind of game that relied too much on the fact that fans would love the series because they are in the know about the Fantastic Four squad. That is why the game doesn't try to build its action, almost drops you in medias res, and does little to acquaint you with the characters and their superpowers. And, truly, it's most unremarkable feature, is how little the game actually does to use these character's powers, or in meaningful ways. That is why, Questprobe featuring The Fantastic Four is a pretty bland text based with graphic additions. I think what would have saved it from the tar pit of obsolescence would have been a more meaningful collaboration on the story with Marvel, not only having them do the graphics. So, as a better alternative, download Spider-Man, that one managed to capture my imagination better, as it had a much better, overall, story.

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