Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Adventure International Science Fiction Cartoon Graphical IF

Fine comic-book adventure

Scott Adams is the man behind this series of adventures featuring various comic-book characters, and he is known in the industry for virtually inventing interactive fiction. Other games in the series star the Hulk, the Human Torch and the Thing, but this one features everyone's favourite web-slinging hero in the title role as he sets out to defeat arch-nemesis Mysterio. As in many such games in this genre, players make their way through a narrative-driven set of scenes, exploring various environments, solving puzzles and interacting with the numerous characters you find along the way. This one features a much improved command interface over the earlier Hulk instalment, with full sentences now able to be input, instead of simple verb/noun combinations and this feature certainly makes the game feel more advanced than its predecessor. Fans of the earlier game will also be pleased to see the return of 'The Examiner', the sinister character who guides the player through the game and who bears a certain resemblance to Scott Adams himself. For fans of Spiderman, interactive fiction, or comic books in general, this makes for a sound and enjoyable adventure. The story is quite compelling and interesting, with several familiar Marvel characters making an appearance and which retains the feel of the original comics. The improvements to the graphics and command system are much appreciated and help to make the game more accessible and overall this is a worthwhile investment of your time. The sequel, Questprobe Featuring Human Torch and the Thing, is the best game in the series, so be sure to check that out too.

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