Silverball Plus 2

Simulation 1994 Dos Micro League Pinball

Solid piece of pinball action

If the can hear the call of the arcade hall but can't quite be bothered to get up and actually go there, then Silverball provides an authentic and enjoyable slice of pinball action that can be experienced in the comfort of your own home. While not quite up to the standards of Pinball Fantasies and unlikely to convert non pinball fans, it does offer some pretty decent tables to enjoy. Seven different tables are included in this version, including the originals Fantasy, Blood, Snooker Champ and Odyssey, with Duel, Warbot and Nova exclusive to this edition. Up to four players can take part in the game, which offers a nice competitive edge to proceedings, with each player taking their turn to get the highest score. The tables themselves are quite varied and while deceptively simple, they each offer their own unique challenges and secrets, with plenty of hidden bonuses and ramps to discover and it will take some time and skill to uncover them all. Visually, the tables are also very distinct with their own unique styles, with dragons, spaceships and monsters acting as brightly coloured backdrops to capture the eye. Sound too is quite authentic, recreating the feel of the pinball hall to nice effect. Silverball Plus 2 does exactly what it sets out to do, which is create a realistic set of tables to enjoy at home and as far as it goes, it does everything right. If you find pinball addictive, then this should satisfy your cravings. The varied tables provide a fair amount of challenge to keep you coming back for more, while the multi-player mode cranks up the rivalry and can prove to be a blast. If you've no interest in pinball, then steer clear, but otherwise, get flipping.

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