Living Ball

Simulation 1995 Windows Interactivision A/S Pinball

Huge digital pinball table; play for hours the same game!

Living Ball has an interesting approach in terms of the way it builds the player experience. It crafts a great table, out of portions that combine and are connected to each other; the game is thus built on the classic premise of pinball within pinball table, and to actually lose, you really have to play bad! Now, graphically, Living Ball is pretty well produced, well executed, and overall, it creates a great playing and well feeling game in 2D. It doesn't stack a whole lot of interactible elements in small confined spaces, yet it does a great job of the portions where these objects are included. Thus, each mini table, each slide and slope in which your ball can end up is thematically sound and it doesn't resemble classic pinball in many ways. It it however classic, in that the tables change their points value based on trick shots executed, as most pinball games do. The over arching theme of the game is that of future, and so all the mini tables (table shards) look futuristic, metallic, sort of robotic. Which fits very well with the entire game. At any rate, Living Ball is a great pinball game; Extreme Pinball is sort of similar, but more classic in build, yet both are worth playing, for sure.

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