Amazon: Guardians of Eden

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Access Software Third Person Humorous

Point and click adventure

It is an adventure puzzle game which is based on a story and has a complex theme which is marked by fantasy and exploration. It involves a character name Jason and also has a female charcter. I won't go into the story as most of you would be interested to know about the features and the gameplay. The gameplay is what you normally see in adventure games but has some very good and complicated puzzles with a good interface to render support for solving them. The interface is point and click and there are many hot spots in the game which reveal different items and keys to puzzles. It also involves well incorporated cliché writing which will help out Jason to find his lost brother in the amazon jungle. So basically all the puzzles, the adventure and the dialogues will serve as a clue and door to move on in search of the missing character in the game. On your quest, you will also counter some very good sequences and locations which will really fascinate your adventure sense. The UI has some very good and easy to use options and the controls are also swift. It is very much like Wayne's World which is a classical adventure.

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