Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Cinemaware Oriental

Minigames based adventure with an aggravating saving system

Phew, I got to warn you, this game is going to test your patience. What it does is create static environments in which you have to perform certain tasks. In one fo the opening scenes, you have to catch a stone thrown by a caveman, You can move left and right and have to catch the stone as it approaches you. But, to make things more difficult you don't just have to happen to be where the projectile is, your sling has to happen to rotate just correctly o happen on the rock. Phew, it can take forever for the two to align, and if you get hit a few times it's back to square one. I'm telling you, this game can be just as aggravating as Dragon's Lair for the NES with so many luck based minigames that it will just drive you crazy. So, if there is a game to stay away from, this is is. It's unfortunate because I don't mind a bit of adventuring of this sort, where there are many minigames to go through, but some resemblance of quality is surely due at least, if not originality. So, stay away from this one, this is a true pain in the ass type game.

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