Softporn Adventures

Adult 1991 Dos Dosbox On-Line Systems Role playing Interactive

Very crude text based adventure game with a sexual theme

The name says it all, this is an interactive novel in the way it plays, with no graphics at all but with a mildly sexual theme. Having been released in 1991, the adult games of the time, while not the best looking games around were still years ahead of this one. Of course, I don't mean to judge this game from the prism of graphic novels or other graphic interactive productions, but honestly, text based adventures used to feature graphics even in the era of the ZX Spectrum. See for instance The Hobbit, a game, of course, with a totally different theme, but even on that platform it had graphics accompanying the graphic based adventure. But no, this one wants to entertain strictly as a text adventure, and to a degree it manages to do that quite good. The game however addresses two niches that don't really seem to exist anymore, those that love softcore stories and those that love text based adventures. And I think there are many people in neither of these camps! At any rate, make your own mind but don't expect much. This game was really dated back in its day, and to today it feels even more so outdated.

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