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Yggdrasil Reality Computer needs debugging and you will do it!

If you were wondering what is the Yggdrasil Reality Computer, then, I must warn you, you are going into the territory of the Japanese anime series such as Oh! My Goddess!, which were pretty wacky, combining fantasy with futuristic themes and all sort of wacky ideas together. But, no matter, this game here is a very light one, that tasks you to kill all the bugs that have infested the computer above mentioned, the Ygdrasil. These bugs, are literal, as they look like bugs, but in the lore of the game, they are computer viruses, of very nasty descent, having been produced by malevolent forces! You get a hammer though and get straight to business! The game doesn't contain a lot of other additional portions, so, in many ways, it's a digital whack a mole game but with all the Japanese weirdness surrounding it! At any rate, you can be sure that Yggdrasil Reality Computer will offer you a very good time, as it looks great, anime styled and with all sort of different bugs to squash. And if all the anime makes you crave some more serious action, download Guilty Gear XXguilty-gear-xx-reload#, one of the sweetest Japanese styled fighter games out there.

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