Arcade 2000 Windows Giga-Rensya Humorous Anime

Minigames collection revolving around Jazzy cats!

Don't know who Kutar is? Well, it's a Japanese cat, a sort of cousin to the flying Nian cat. Alright, not quite, I just made that up, but you get the point, it's just a random cat, which in this game likes to go about having fun. This collection contains 15 minigames, some of them asking of you to press buttons matching a song, others asking you to dodge obstacles in a down slope river run; others are the equivalent of shooting games and a few more that will see Kutar engage in some other fun activities. The style is a sort of not so prominent manga, which led me to believe that the game was intended for release in US and Europe and the developers tried to dial it down on the anime staples. But, ultimately this is not a high profile, high budget creation, this is just another flash type game that received a tiny bit more attention from its developers. I for once found it ok as a time waster, for a five to ten minute break, but anything more than that and you're asking to be disappointed! Alternatively you can also try Alley Cat or Bad Cat if you're looking for a cat themed puzzler/platformer type experience.

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