Battle Painters

Arcade 2000 Windows JJ Soft Anime Indie Casual

A warlike painting game!

Here's a neat idea: all the colors in this painting game have a war like property! Some of them burn, like napalm, others are attacking colors and will take other colors and so on. It's cool game, like a slowed down, seen from above fight, of a mass of points that don't like each other! Of course, to add gist to it all, Battle Painters is pretty smooth and fun, and as such, for a party game of that retro feel, I think it will really make an impression on you, especially, you know, if you'[re a little inebriated. So, have it installed, and take it out when you have guests, that have hit the root beer a little too many times! It's got that psychedelic thing going on that works great under certain circumstances! Also, it's got a few different single modes of play too, and all of them are pretty fun, so give it a go, it will offer you a good fun infused time. Else, download Neopaint for those peace times when you feel like painting something with less war in it! At any rate, Battle Painters is really original, and even if you don't like painting too much, you're still going to have a great time trying it out!

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