Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Maxis Software Shooter

A mix of turn based Battleships and real time flying

SkyChase plays as a combination of two games: on one hand you have a pretty neat, classic turn based strategy game, board game like, in the style of the seminal Battleships games, and on the other you have a game of flying and aerial combat, in real time, that completes the turn based portion of the game. So, these two portions are linked together by the fact that the strategic portion is the turn based one, while the tactical bit is delivered by the flight game. Thus, each of the two are interlinked and they function as a whole, as do the strategic and tactical portions that define games such as Total War. Graphically, none of these two portions are too advanced. At the very least, the strategic, boardgame portion is delivered in a relatively classic looking set of graphics like some other board games recreations, while the flying portion is very minimal and very unsatisfying, to not say, ugly. In any case, SkyChase does a good job of offering you a diverse set of game mechanics, and, while you can argue how well they are captured and combined, the game is cool enough, well enough executed as a whole to be worth looking into.

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