Skyroads X-mas Edition

Racing 1994 Dos Dosbox Bluemoon Humorous Arcade style Challenges

A winter clad Skyroads, just as playable as the original

Loved the original, loved it! L. O. V. E. D. I. T.! Because it was one of the first racers set in a universe that had little in common with the real world. It was also based on very simple to follow rules: you had to reach the end, you could jump higher or lower based on gravity and you have fuel and oxygen for only so many stunts or distances. Thus, it was a puzzle to get to the end and a very engaging, very split second response time one. This winter themed version did little to change the things up other than by adding a few winter themed backgrounds, which, this time are all about gift boxes, snow and other winterish staples. I wonder why they don't do this anymore in AAA gaming and it kind of makes me sad that we've become so serious that we can't go on and implement such a simple and cool idea anymore. But I guess the rules of cool have to change and we have to keep up with them! At any rate, download both this one as well as the original Skyroads, they're both the same game gameplay wise, and quite unique specimens if I may add.

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