Star Trek Pinball

Simulation 1997 Windows Interplay Pinball Futuristic

To boldly go where no ball has gone before

As I mentioned before, Star Trek has a lot of theme oriented merchandise, from T-shirts to coffee mugs to computer games.. And also pinball table games. This is the computerized version of that pinball table game. As in the Judge Dredd Pinball game, you don't have the face-first view of the table, but the view an average player has when he is playing the game in real life. And this is a very nice game - it has all the excitement and fun a real pinball game has, including the addictiveness. The game has the same soundtrack of the Star Trek original series, so that's a really nice addition. The gameplay is very good, it has taken all the physics of the real gaming into considerations and the twists and bumps are really authentic and nicely performed too. In truth, this is a normal pinball game, just with a Star Trek theme which will surely attract Trekkies around the world. As a pinball game lover, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I think that everyone else will, too.

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