Slicks 'n Slide

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Classic multi-player thrills

Slicks 'n Slide might be simple but it's got it where it counts and that's in the fun department and which helps to make this one of the most sheerly enjoyable and fun multi-player games around, up there with the likes of Worms. It's a deceptively straightforward slice of old-school racing action, very much akin to Ironman Offroad Racing or Super Sprint, with up to four players going head to head with each other across a series of increasingly challenging single screen race tracks. There are plenty of tracks and vehicles to choose from which adds to the appeal but the real kicker here is the addition of weapons in the custom mode and which brings a whole new dimension to the game. The visuals are nothing to write home about, with fairly simple sprites and tracks but which nevertheless have a surprisingly decent amount of personality. However, the tracks themselves are well designed, offering plenty of jumps, tricky corners and a fair handful of surprises too, just to keep incautious drivers on their toes. In single player mode, the game is undeniably enjoyable, with some challenging AI controlled racers but it really comes into its own with the addition of human opponents. In this fashion, races become truly riotous and competitive, with each player desperate to outdo the other and given the close proximity of players to one another, it's common that certain dubious ways of winning come to the fore with elbows making frequent appearances. As far as multi-player games go, this really is top notch stuff and while it's fun in single player, do your best to find some real drivers and you're guaranteed a great time.

Fantastic racing game with weapons

They say that it is among the best racing games to have been ever made and I say that they are spot on with that. With exciting and very engaging gameplay and cartoonish and colorful graphics, the game takes racing to a whole new level of fun and thrill. Four players can play at a time and can race on objects that range from futuristic saucers to motor bikes. The mission is obvious which is to complete the laps first. The controls are amazing and you can equip the vehicles with some exciting weapons and upgrades. There are many racing tracks which have been added with a lot of details that change with every course. It is a great example that games without 3D graphics can also turn out to be fantastic and colorful. It also involves shooting missiles, ramming drivers and laying mines to prevent others from completing their laps. So it's an evil racing game where you have to use both your racing skills and your evil mind to make things messy. Every race has its own share of chaos and fun and that is what fascinates me the most. Moto Racer 2 is also among some of the good racing games around including this one.

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