Project X

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Team17 Horizontal shooter Flight shooter

Lesser known Team 17 horizontal shooter

Back when they were not concocting the world shifting Worms series, Team 17 were busy being this upbeat gaming company, creating great games, but nonetheless none too original. However, a game such as this gorgeous lateral shooter showcases both the company's talent as well as its distinctive art style. What it all stands for is neatness, colorful backgrounds and front graphical elements that are distinctive and functional. Anyway, this game is interesting because many of the stages make use of animated inanimate flying objects, but also interesting flying ships. Plus, the number of upgrades you can pick during your journey is incredibly large, making the game even more interesting and more. Also, there are lots of bosses, lots of intermediate mini bosses as well as non boss critters that just act as units, requiring a certain strategy to dominate. Anyway, while the action can be quite busy, it is never overwhelming, taking a toll on your concentration or attention, which is very nice. And, for a 92 released game, it sure looks very modern, very much as if it was released much later. Really worth a visit, if you love vertical or lateral shooters.

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