Delta Hydra

Strategy 1997 Windows Webfoot Technologies Empire management Science Fiction

The Delta Hydra solar system needs to be conquered

Delta Hydra is a 4X game, not that well endowed graphically, but a mighty well produced strategy game, of the kind that combines space exploration, commerce and battle so that you will, ultimately conquer the Delta Hydra solar system. So, as you will find out for yourself, the game will also take you on the surface of the planets, where the game plays mostly in the style of classic RTS games. This makes the game even more diverse and you'll rarely get bored with it, if you love all sort of strategy, management and other such strands of gaming. Nevertheless, Delta Hydra has some issues as well, besides being rather unappealing graphically. While I played it, it crashed to the desktop quite a few times. I tried playing it in Win XP compatibility mode, but even so it didn't really improve its reliability. So, if it does the same to you but still would like a similar experience, play Master of Orion instead, which, even if not as diverse, still packs a lot of the gameplay portions that this game here contains.

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