Space Empires III

Strategy 1997 Windows Malfador Machinations Galactic War Empire management Science Fiction

Absorbing but time-consuming sci-fi fun

Space Empires III is a sort of low budget mix of strategy games like Civilization and Master of Orion and if you like your games absorbing and challenging, but aren't too worried about visual flash, then this is well worth picking up. As the name suggests, it's a sci-fi title where players control a planet and must engage in all sorts of galaxy-spanning shenanigans in order to create and expand their empire. There really is an immense amount of options available to you, with everything from entering into diplomatic communications with other races, building up your fleet of spacecraft, conducting research into various technologies, spying on your rivals and of course combat. It's this sheer variety of things to do that is part of the game's appeal and while it may seem a bit overwhelming to start with, the fairly intuitive interface helps ease players into this complex universe. There are also plenty of customisation options, with players required to design their own race at the outset and which further add to the fun. If you're looking for something which you can really sink your teeth into, then you have come to the right place. Although seemingly simple in appearance, thanks to the basic graphics, there is an astonishing amount of depth on display here and which will really keep you challenged and addicted. The game does require a lot of time in order to get the most out of it so be prepared to lose many hours of your life if you do enter into its world but you can also be sure that the experience will be gripping and enjoyable, so if this sounds like your kind of thing, then jump on in.

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