Tux Racer

Racing 2000 Windows Jasmin F. Patry Humorous Unconventional

Race the Linux penguin down the (Windows!) slope!

Tux the Linux Penguin is a cute and handsome and sweet character mascot, reason enough to give this deluge themed arcader a go. In it, Tux is going to race down the slope, at times avoiding obstacles, at times just trying to accelerate as much as he can. You can tell he's having fun, that's for sure, and part of the fun is in the nicely crafted penguin set of animations and the beautiful, maybe a little too realistic graphics. It is nice to see that Tux Racer, even if it is a game that is part a free distribution, part a commercial effort in the lines of advertising, is actually lots of fun. Sure, short lived fun, after all even a snow loving penguin has to rest. But if you are hooked to the idea, I bet you'll have a few great breaks bouncing and controlling Tux about, you know, just because you can and want to! A good alternative could be Winter Games, if sloping down with this one makes you want some more winter themed games. But if you just want a quick run down at the helm of cutie freely distributable OS kingpin, this is the one! Apolodor acquiesces!

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