Speed Racer: The Challenge of Racer X

Racing 1992 Dos Accolade Humorous Action based

A Japanese themed racer; lots of fun

Speed Racer: The Challenge of Racer X came to be as a remake, for the US and UE regions of a Japanese racer title, one that was a lot more Japanese, in that it was a lot harder, fuller of cutscenes with those bubble speech thingies and so on. The lite version of the game, if you will, this here, is still full of Japanese ideas and constructs but it still manages to keep itself above the water and be quite playable, and, within that range, quite good looking. Don't expect the latest and best of graphical engines, that's not where this game is at. Nope, with this one what you get is a pseudo 3D engine, which in fact has more to do with adventure games from the Japanese people than anything, but still a game where you need to steer and move about as well as you can. It's a weird racer, for sure, but worth it. If you want something more common, download sweet old Lotus, one of the best sprite based front advancing racers. Also, Lotus has better animations, for most of the game, and is more complex overall.

Great anime, bad game

With the huge popularity of the Speer Racer anime from the land of Japan, making a game based on said anime was the next logical step and should be at least as popular as the anime. Unfortunately, it wasn't, and the game's developers are entirely to blame. With boring and unimaginative tracks, very repetitive gameplay, absolutely no realism whatsoever, the game put a shame to the Speed Racer name. There are a few features that will create nostalgia for the great anime that once ruled the TV world, but that is also quick to die out. The animation is quite high quality, which is to be expected since the game is from the lands of animation kings, and the graphics are definitely better than the average game from that day and age, but still that doesn't save the game from the meager mediocrity and boredom that is the result. If you're up for a fun and challenging racing game, go play Wacky Wheels, unless you're a huge fan of this anime and desperately want to see the game.

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