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Do not try this while cooking or working!

Speedkar is a very simple, yet fun and addictive arcade game and is probably one of those that make you loose nights and a lot of work. So, don't try this game at work, just a warning! The game is a lot like PacMan, only instead of PacMan himself, you are playing with a little car. The objective of the game is to capture the flag and pick up coins and other pickups in a big green maze, while not letting other cars (like the little ghosts in PacMan) to get to you and destroy you. There are a lot of other obstacles on the way, so you'll have to avoid them too. The pickups include coins, gas, speeding powerups, among others. At the right side of the game is a very useful map that helps you navigate through the mazes with little blips that are items that you have to pick up. The game is extremely simple, and that is where the addiction lies. You will find yourself playing the game for hours on end, forgetting about time and space and driving around untill you close your eyes and see the green maze in your head. The game is graphically also very simple and there is no music but the standard sound effects, which is a shame. The game is absolutely awesome and all vintage arcade lovers will want to have this game in their collection.

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