Spirit of Speed 1937

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Racer with the earliest racing workhorses, but modern circuits

If you love seeing the kind of races that the 30s and 40s were a home to, the kind that were captured on grainy black and white film, then Spirit of Speed 1937 will put you right into that kind of a world. Yes, this is a weird game, in that, while the vehicles all belong to that era, the circuits however are modern, either urban roads or actual circuits. So, it's like a recreation in modern days of the spirit of those days... Why? I dunno! I mean, why not create actual 30s tracks and vistas?! Well, I guess you have to take it at face value. But then there's the occasional side onlooker, which, here's the rub, will wear epoque clothing, hehe! Ehh, whatever, I'm beginning to feel like too much of a nitpicker, truth be told, Spirit of Speed 1937 is an alright looking and feeling racer, graphically, quality wise it's alright and the vehicles feel great as well , offering you a very interesting, a very satisfying time traveling racing experience. An alternative to this game could easily be Indianapolis 500 which gives you a bit more recent era F1 racing, but still features, what I would call, vintage racing and racers!

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