Nascar Craftsman Truck Series Racing

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Trucks are cool

This game is kind of a cheat. Although it's a decent enough racer in its own right, it's actually just one part of NASCAR Racing Edition 1999 that was stripped out and given a release of its own. The original was a pretty solid collection of three different racing styles, all themed around the NASCAR 1998 season, and with the usual array of tracks, modes and vehicles to try your hand at. This one takes the truck racing portion of the game and lets players race around various courses behind the wheel of 700 hp trucks, competing against the best players from the period. There's nothing unusual here, except for the trucks themselves which are very different beasts from most racing games, and which take some getting used to. The ones on offer here do handle very differently and provide some unique challenges, making this worth a look if you're after something unusual. There's nothing terribly original about the game, but it does make for an entertaining time. The visuals are pretty decent for their time, and the game sports some impressive detail levels, and with the physics being well implemented. The trucks handle realistically and although the usual sense of speed found in racers like Daytona isn't there, there's still a real thrill to take control of these monsters. The options are quite varied, while the tracks are full of twists and turns and should keep even veterans challenged for some time. If you have got the original collection, then don't even think about this, but if you're just into trucks and not bothered about cars, take a look here.

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