Le Mans 24 Hours

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Who's got the Red Bull?

As a blend of Outrun-style arcade racing and Formula 1 Grand Prix realism, Le Mans 24 hours makes for a fine racing experience. It strikes that balance of fun and detail which is so hard to get right and which results in an exciting game which offers a lot to the driving enthusiast. Throw in the fine graphics and unusual nature of the title and you have something which is well worth a look. As you can probably guess from the title, this one allows you to take part in the legendary Le Mans race, and which gives you the choice of twenty-five real-world racing teams to join and with a further choice of fifty or so vehicles to jump behind the wheel of. In a twist to the usual style of racing game, you will be up for twenty-four hours (sort of) here, as the focus is on endurance driving, so stock up on Red Bull before firing this one up. You're going to need it, as the game simulates the real experience pretty closely, with wear and tear on your vehicle represented accurately, while you'll also have to keep a close eye on your fuel and make stops accordingly. You get to drive during the day and night to add to the fun, while there are eight different tracks to try out. This really gets pretty much everything right. There's the perfect sense of speed on offer here, making the game highly exhilarating, with races getting tense and competitive, while the visuals are top notch, with plenty of trackside detail to enjoy. The mix of realism and entertainment is just right so if you're looking for a slightly unusual racer, this is a fine choice.

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