Sports Car GT

Racing 1999 Windows Microsoft Rally Gran Turismo

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A decent racer with a proclivity for simulation

The Sports Car GT game is a modern looking racer, a fast paced circuit racing game in which you'll race the late 90s motor vehicles that were modified to be raced with, though in aspect they were relatively unaltered. The game makes use of the entire list of technologies that were available by the end of the 90s, crisp graphics both for the circuits as well as the cars themselves, a whole list of choices that tackle playability. The less aid functions you choose to use, the more realistic the races will feel. Another plus on the graphics side is the use of particle effects to a great degree. Smoke, tire smoke, debris, etc. Also, the physics of the game are as realistic as you could expect from an AAA game of the period, with a good enough mass distribution and modeling which means all sort of oversteer and understeer that also is modeled depending on the surface. So, with a good combination of physics and great graphics, Sports Car GT can still be played without any issues even today.

Mid 90s GT game

Sports Car GT give me a reason to try out race simulators. I have never thought that I would find an excellent race sim game back in the late '90s. Sport Car GT ended these years with outstanding graphics and sounds, superb gameplay and lots of fun. The graphics try to make more realistic, each car being rendered completely and the tracks looking beautiful. And let's not even forget how the backgrounds look good. The smoke that appear from the cars after a burnout looks impressive, but it is sometimes annoying because it blocks your view, however it's not that a big problem. There are different types of weather that occur on track, my favorite being the rain, which give a more realistic look on the race, where all the other drivers and even yourself slip off the track due to wet track. If you really want to see how great this game is, find it, download it and play it!

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