Star Command Revolution

Strategy 1997 Windows GT Interactive Real time

To infinity and beyond!

Dune 2, Command & Conquer, and Warcraft stand as some fine examples of the real time strategy genre, but while there are lots of good titles to choose from, there are also some pretty ropy ones too. It seems as if after the initial success of the aforementioned games, everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon, and which unfortunately resulted in the likes of Highland Warriors and this rather low rent affair. It offers absolutely nothing new to the genre and while this can result in enjoyable games, such as KKND, here it just turns out dull and uninteresting. There's the usual science fiction nonsense about a bunch of different alien races who are all at war with one another and who are battling it out for supremacy. There's all the usual stuff like searching for resources, building up your forces and of course engaging in epic battles with your foes. That's pretty much all there is to it, and if this sounds like every other RTS you've ever played, then that's because it is. As mentioned, this could still have been an enjoyable enough entry into a crowded market but it's also spoiled by things other than its lack of originality or imagination. There are issues with the clunky interface which render things a bit annoying, while the save-game facility is also a bit wonky, as you can save at the start of a game, but with games taking around an hour to play, if you lose, everything is gone. The game does look quite pretty, with some nice ship design, but it doesn't take long before an overwhelming sense of familiarity sets in, and you find yourself reaching for the off switch.

A very diverse real time strategy game

This real time strategy game is surprisingly an under rated one which may be due to reasons such as lack of publicity. The best trait in this diverse game is that they have merged it with shooting action which is very much that we see in action based games. The variety of strategic scope is very diverse and the set up is in a star world. There are about 4 races in the star world and every race is fighting for its supremacy and survival. They are after a very precious material which allows them to maintain their supremacy and built their resources such as ships. They also have their own elements which they harvest and which they need to take care of. So you will be doing both collection of elements and protecting your own from the enemies. There are 2 very good modes in the game where one is the campaign mode and the other is the standalone battle mode. The standalone battle mode will get you engaged in battles and the in campaign mode you will be playing with three computer or human opponents. The graphics in the game are great and the A1 is supported for both easy and tough gameplay.

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