Star Trek: Hidden Evil

Adventure 1999 Windows Activision Science Fiction

Follows the plot of Insurrection

Right after the feature movie Star Trek: Insurrection had come out on the big screens, there was a deal to produce this game here, Star Trek: Hidden Evil, which sort of picks where that one started and fills in some of the gaps, sort of like a closer look at the movie. At any rate, you will start on a peaceful colony in space, but, as always, the Romulans are watching and scheming, so if you were planning on something less uneventful, there it goes, out the force field window! The game, otherwise, is a classic point and clicker, really well done, pretty modern in the way interactivity goes and pack full of scenes and other nods to the movie, making this a great tie in for fans of Star Trek, the Next Generation. I also found it more logical in its development and in the way the crew re used to solve puzzles. Basically, you'll always know what is going on and what needs to be done next if you're familiar with the characters from the titular series, which is always a nice touch for the dedicated fans. Graphically, it looks as it should, for its era, and its also long lasting, another thing I appreciate. See Star Trek: First Contact as well, for a really well done but older Star Trek adventure

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