Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3

Strategy 2002 Windows Activision Real time Science Fiction

Could have been better

Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3 is a 2002 tactical strategy game set in a futuristic world. It was published by Activision, and is also the sequel to Starfleet Command II. It is spread a bad word about the games entitled "Star Trek": They were absolutely awful. But Starfleet Command 3 is here to clean that negative image. The Klingons and Federation provoked controversies with their new starbase created. The war begins as soon as the Romulans attack them. The gameplay is based on combats and you must defend yourself while commanding a starship. This game promises to make a good impression among Star Trek fans, and not only them, with new improvements concerning the management and the maneuvers/tactics you can adopt. Also, you have the possibility to recruit and train officers, and upgrade your ship with parts in equipment, weapons, shields, and engines. Pay attention to your power requirements before adding something. Furthermore, unlike the previous games, Starfleet Command 3 comes with a new setting based on new races, modern ships and technology. The controls are pretty much the same. The available modes are: story campaign (where you play as one of the following: Klingon, Federation, Romulan), the freeform campaign (similar to the story campaign, except that no story is involved), the skirmish mode (you perform a quick battle), and the online multiplayer modes. In conclusion, this game could have been better, but it deserves to be played!

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