Super Star Trek

Simulation 2002 Windows Space combat Space flight

Remake of a popular mainframe simulation

The original Super Star Trek is so old, it didn't even get to be produced for the DOS environment, instead being a game that few had ever seen, based on mainframe technology. At its core, it is a simulation of the Enterprise spaceship. The main conflict in the game is with the Klingonians, and in between bouts of hunting these, you also have to cater to your ship, which needs frequent refueling. This DOS version of the game is a much more amended version of the original, and, another plus it has is the ability to command the dock faster, add weapons dynamically and send a deep space probe so that you can foresee an attack (mostly from cloaked Romulan ships) in advance. While a pretty ambitious game overall, Super Star Trek is by no means as ambitious in terms of the graphics, so you'd better be ready for some abysmal graphics and lots of text and numerical play. Which is still more than what the original could do, since that one was played via dot matrix results printed and then new inputs sent to the mainframe! Another good alternative for Star trek lovers is Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, a truly graphical game, that puts you in the shoes of a Star Fleet cadet.

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