Starshot: Space Circus Fever

Action 1999 Windows Infogrames Platformer 3D

A very cute platformer

Space Circus Fever is a cute 3D platformer (like Croc) that features Starshot, a space juggler that went on a big rocket to the planet Tensuns to advertise the circus he and his friends are in, but, by some unusual circumstances, the rocket he is in gets blown up by three robot. It is up to Starshot and his friend Willfall to explore the planet and find out why that happened and how. The rest of the game is Starshot and his partner going around levels in beautiful 3D, jumping from one floating platform to another, picking up items and avoiding all sorts of cool traps and obstacles that are presented to them. The level design is great and very original, and the design of the main character looks very nice and lovable, much like a cool anime monster. The sound effects and music that play in the background are also very good, and I love how the camera moves with the player, giving the feeling of coordination. The game is very fun and very cute and I am sure that all platform lovers will love the game, especially the younger gaming community.

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