Steel Thunder

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Accolade Strategic scope Tank sim

Oldschool tank simulation, ahead of its time when released

There is without a doubt a lot that is achieved by this game, given that it came out in 88. One thing that will amaze you is the great graphical presentation, both of the menus and the layouts as well as the tank simulation bits. You control your tank from inside the cabin, and have just a strip of visible land available, but then again, this is more than enough to know where you are and where you need to be at. Also, the instrument displays are all live and show genuine information and you should use them. Also, for a more tactical overview of the map you can also take a peek at the overhead map, which will show you your objectives and you can start plotting your way on the map. From the tank you can see faux 3D outlines of enemy tanks and can go on to fixing your cross hair on them, if the mission is to destroy them. Even the sway of the tank as it is moving is simulated, so you won't have it easy acquiring a target when the tank is on the move, a realism adage that is really welcome. Fans of tanks, and fans of oldschool simulations are going to love this, but, again, you're going to need to accept its more primitive graphics, though, for its time and technology this is one of the better games in this genre. Alternatively, you can check out M1 Tank Platoon a more recent game, very enjoyable, but one that has nothing on the complexity of Steel Thunder.

Very technical strategy

Steel Thunder is great, especially when its age is taken into consideration. Sure, the realism is a bit lax (going solo against dozens of enemy tanks and helicopters should normally result in death), but the game is very technical, involving the use of things like thermal sights and engine smoke, but this technicality comes an absolute need for the manual. There is a specific start-up sequence, as well as a classic anti-piracy "quiz" at the beginning, so be warned.

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