Pacific Islands

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Empire Interactive Strategic scope Tank sim

A very fine simulation with numerous missions

It is a good simulation game involving team management and has a fair deal of strategic scope involved in it. The plot here is that some conflicts have popped up on the pacific island and is a threat for the national security. You being a tank commander of the US forces will play your role as a team leader. You have variety of 16 different tanks in the game which have been segmented into about 4 different squads. Your screen will have a map where you need to select the squad which you want to play with and then you will be selecting the missions and the areas on the map. 4 squads in the game means 4 different scenarios and this really adds a lot of replay value to the game. The game will require you to use a strategic approach towards various missions and your main goal with your teams is to take over the key areas of the enemies, destroy them and to break their communication networks. The graphics in the game are well in line with the theme and have great details in the form of jungles, terrains, mines and other places in the game. The UI and the controls are also feasible for a good simulation game. TZone like games and this one are pure entertainment.

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