Abrams Battle Tank

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A very nice tank sim game

Battle Tank is one of the games that successfully stand the test of time and, even decades later, is still fun to play. The game sports both realism and fun and is a great game for all tank sim lovers. You control various Abrams tanks in a series of various mission that involve simple escort to downright shooting and blowing stuff up. The gameplay is very realistic and fine, and you will feel like you are driving a real life tank. It also features a bit of an arcade feel to the game so both sim and arcade lovers will be equally satisfied. There are 8 missions available with a lot of challenge, so be careful, since the slightest mistake might mean your demise. The great 3D graphics make the game one of the first tank sim of this kind and pretty revolutionary. The coloring is pretty simple but that is expected from a game from that day and age in the gaming history. The audio is also pretty good, but nothing exceptional. If you like tank sim games like Panzer Elite series, you will like the game very much.

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