Team Yankee

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Empire Interactive Strategic scope Tank sim

The Cold war is not so cold after all

Team Yankee is a simple tank simulation (like the game Tank) based on the novel with the same name by author Harold Coyle which is set in the alternate history where the Soviets attack central Europe during the Cold War. You are in the American team and control a tank throughout Soviet occupied territory, destroying their tanks and other construction. You can control a variety of tanks and you play in 5 missions that are ranged from easiest to hardest. The user interface is somewhat unusual, with the screen seperated into 4 windows with different control orders. Unfortunately, this does nothing but complicates the game and confuses the player. What is also troublesome is that you can't control the tank from the drivers view, which can pretty much destroy any sense of presence is the game. The third objection is the AI, which is not programmed very well and are so predictable that the game presents almost no challenge after a while. The grahpics are on average for a 1990 game and there is something to say about the great coloring and detail. The sound system is also on average with the release year, with a catchy midi tune in the intro. The conclusion is this - Team Yankee is an okay tank simulation with somewhat confusing interface at the start that gets boring and predictable a couple of hours in. Okay to lose an hour or two, then head for something better.

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