Dizzy: Prince of Yolkfolk

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Cartoon Platformer

Who knew eggs can be such great heroes!

Short and sweet - this would be the best description that could be given to this arcade adventure game. Prince of Yolkfolk, the fifth of the Dizzy series of adventure game, follows the adventures of our long-term protagonists as he saves the day once again, this time from an evil troll that has captured the castle and its princess. Although there are only 30 levels, the gameplay is very fun and captivating (although a bit too easy) as our egg-guy goes from one beautifully designed to another, solves all sorts of neat puzzles and finally comes to this final confrontation to the game's main baddie. I especially loved the beautiful colors and the cartoon-looking design that gives the game a light and humorous atmosphere and the music that plays in the background is really catchy and makes the play time all the more enjoying. By the time you've finished the game you will have noticed that the entire afternoon has passed and that you've had a fantastic time. Truly a great representative of the series and tons of fun for players of all sizes and ages.

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