Strategic Command: European Theater

Strategy 2002 Windows Empire management Turn based Historical

Onto the breach....once more

WW2 games are released quite often, and in all possible genres. You have your standard arsenal of FPS, RTS, Flight-sim etc. (i am yet to find a decent RPG on the topic – if you know any let me know). Turn-based games however mainly play out in earlier periods (Shogun: Total War, Medieval:Total War, Europa Universalis III etc.), so it was a surprise finding and playing this game. It is quite rudimentary and straight forward, although it takes a while to adjust to its plain interface and complete lack of graphics. (War in Europe comes to mind) You can take any side you want in the war that destroyed Europe. Maybe you dreamed about German Europe? Well here's your chance. Beat those rotten Allies, Commies and all others to achieve German supremacy. Or your role model could be Stalin, and you want to rid the world of capitalist swines. It is completely up to you how you play out the events of WW2 . Those of you that like board games ( my favorite is Risk!) will enjoy this, and revel in the ultimate victory. Those that want polished graphics and moving units will avoid the game completely. But, to each his own.

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