Midtown Madness 2

Racing 2000 Windows Microsoft Car simulation City race

Create chaos on traffic!

Midtown Madness 2 is a 2000 racing game, the long-waited sequel to the original game. I say long-waited, because the first game was very well received by the car simulator enthusiasts. In this review I will try to summarize the positive features of this game. Unlike its prequel, Midtown Madness 2 unlocks more vehicles for you to drive them, and among them I will mention: a Mini, a Panoz roadster, a Ford pickup and a Greyhound bus. The gameplay remained the same, with the easy controls, simple handling of the cars, the same engine (with very few modifications) and also with the authentic adrenaline and action, which made this game popular. So, you will have many times this deja vu feeling. But the races are different, so the obstacles. The locations where the hazardous action takes place are London and San Francisco. The Crash Course Career mode adds an extra flavour to the game and a bigger excitement for the players, because you take the role of a stunt actor or a taxi driver. The creators proved their real talent and attention to details in reproducing the big cities. The traffic collisions are heavy, and you will be amazed how strong are some cars, being able to take out even the biggest vehicles. Be shameless and create chaos on the streets with this crazy and fun game!

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