Match Day Manager

Sport 1995 Windows Merit Studios Soccer

Diverse, well put together, none too original though

Match Day Manager is a bit of a Frankenstein type deal, having lots of characteristics and features that you'll have seen in so many other soccer manager games. That is its idea, not try to innovate, or try to make any effort to impress with some out of the ordinary feature, nope, instead it just focuses on creating an enticing enough regular, classic management game. Sometimes that can be all you're looking for, and if that is the case, well, I do recommend it. Not only because it is a feature full game, but also because it manages to create a very well put together game experience, in and out. Also, those that have been involved with the 90s management scene will know how to approach this one. Plus, graphically it is beyond reproach, though, again, don't expect it to be too polished. For instance, most of the icons for the game could have easily be stolen from any other game, and have been under a minimum amount of reshaping. While I can play it and get a kick out of it, I nevertheless just like to pay homage to games that have been more original so, Football Glory is one oldie manager that I'll be more invested into, but don't get me wrong with Match Day Manager there is nothing wrong. It just is the n'th time I've seen the same recipe at play, and it thus gets a bit old after a while.

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