Manchester United: Premier League Champions

Sport 1994 Dos Krisalis Soccer

Soccer game with good action and strategy

It is a fun arcade style game which is played from a top down view and is quite under rated. You have many traits in this game that will allow you to play the game for hours and hours and keeps you interested. Starting with the first feature in the game, the controls of the balls and the players are brilliant and you can instantly select the player that is near to ball to take it from the opponent. The game also involves some strategy building because the team that you will use in the cup or the league and their ratings will decide the outcome of the tournament. The Manchester team in the game is very tough as the ratings of their player is prolific. So its better that you select Manchester team or else you will counter a tough team for the tournament. There are various stadiums in the game that have their unique backgrounds and graphics and similarly have their distinct field dynamics. In terms of the gameplay, the game is quite intense soccer action with a tough A1. You will never get bore with the action that this game has and the strategic options will keep you really interested. It plays very much in the same manner as Sensible Soccer.

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