Hot Wheels: Slot Car Racing

Racing 2000 Windows Mattel Design Tool Challenges

Lacking content but still fun

How Wheels: Slot Car Racing is a video game developed by Mattel and made for Windows 95/98. When you buy a game, what do you mostly find in the package? A CD-ROM or a floppy and maybe an instruction manual. In this game, you also get a strange little controller that resembles a controller of slot cars. That's what exactly this game is about. Two cars racing on a slot track and howerver crosses the finish line wins. While not really offering much content, the game is really fun for what it's worth. As I said above, you race on various tracks, but the game at least has the courtesy of offerin different themed tracks, from futuristic outer-space tracks to prehistoric ones. There is even a track editor where you can save up to 4 custom-made tracks. The downside here is that you cannot assign any theme to the custom tracks, which is a shame. There is also a variety of cars from the Hot Wheels license to choose from. The controls are pretty good, however I have never tried the game out with that special controller. While it's not a great racing with lots of variety, like Re-Volt, but Hot Wheels: Slot Car Racing is a game which deserves a spot in the fun oldschool racing titles. Just don't expect a lot of content from it.

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