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Intense racing action

This arcade style racing game has some serious action and a great racing dynamics you'll enjoy. You are sure to find a great variety with this one as it has some very good features on offer. Starting with the gameplay, the racing action with shooting is really intense and fun and you get a feel of the action. The variety depicts with the cars in the game as you have many different cars with their distinct racing and combat traits and each of the car has its own use and performance level. You can choose and play four teams which again have their distinct features. In terms of the graphics, the backgrounds, the color schemes and the animation are very inviting and smooth and they promote real fun time action and thrill. The controls are very good as you can go through hard curves and shoot with great accuracy. As you move further into the game you will be getting tiers and getting more and more tiers will help you unlock new cars with different traits. The level designs are also unique and are very diverse for a thrilling action. I have also been playing Megarace 2 off late but this game is much more enjoyable.

Higher Difficulty = More Fun

Dethkarz is a 3D futuristic arcade-style racing game brought to us by Melbourne House. This has got to be one of the most epic racing games ever released for the PC. It has nice visuals, intense gameplay and lots of fun. Dethkarz offer four playable teams, each with its different characteristics. Even the different cars in the game are differentiated by characteristics, ranging from fast and combat weak cars to much heavier and stronger cars. The game utilizes what some gamers might call "tiers". These are like different stages from the game, from beginner to master, or something like that. As you progress, you can unlock further tiers, which also unlock new cars, tracks and more deadlier opponents. Each car has a standard laser gun, but I've heard rumors that you can charge up the shots, something like in Mega Man. Not only do you have to race, but you also have to watch your back and blast any cars in front of you. This is one of those games that it is fun on higher difficulty levels. The visuals are quite stunning and impressive. All in all, Dethkarz is a solid arcade-style racing game and I recommend it to most gamers out there.

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