Super Ski Pro

Sport 1994 Dos Microids Winter sports

The big brother of SuperSki III

SuperSki Pro is the successor of SuperSki III, a pretty decent game of winter Olympics, but, as the name suggests, dedicated to the discipline of skiing. It's a third person, 3D game, and, even if it is relatively old, having been released in 94, it still manages to offer you a good feel. For starters, the controls work exceptionally well; you can control the speed of descent to a point, the player can slalom nicely, in the slalom competitions, and do respond promptly to the controls, without dead times. Also, with SuperSki Pro you get a good slope descent with micro responsive controls, so that you can immediately repair a flawed descent, if that be the case. Also, a good thing about the game is that the slopes and everything else look amazingly well, so that you get a truly fantastic experience. You also compete against AI players that will be better or worse, depending on the level of difficulty you choose to play at. So, overall, SuperSki Pro is a pretty spectacular game, pretty well produced, and also well behaved! It will make you want to take ski as a hobby!

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