Downhill Challenge

Sport 1987 Dos Dosbox Microids Winter sports

Sky downslope, EGA graphics, but well playable

While simple, graphically, gameplay and execution, nevertheless for the minutes it takes to go for a downhill ride Downhill Challenge is totally enjoyable and lots of fun. It's, if you will, a fun, sweet little game. It's of course set in EGA graphics and, especially, giving it its adorable retro edge, in the purple and magenta shades that EGA is known for. And, the true remarkable thing, in spite of the overly simplistic graphics, is the fact that Downhill Challenge does a great job of keeping the gameplay up, thoroughly enjoyable, even if very simple. More than anything though, Downhill Challenge is a game that has very smooth controls, and that puts it in front of many other oldies that are kind of budget oriented. So, with that in mind, give it a try, it won't disappoint. It has quite4 a few different downslope tracks, with different placements of obstacles so that it is pretty great and nifty. Have it in your collection if you like games such as Ski Free, the infamous Microsoft game, that Bill Gates himself had a hand in producing, some say!

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