Super Worms

Racing 2001 Windows Wiering Software Humorous Challenges

Worms themed arcade racing game

Well, here's a cool premise, what if worms, the like of the Worms series, look and feel wise, would be racing machine, ready to go light speed through tracks in the style of the Super NES monster Mario Kart? If the premise sounds wacky and doesn't really seem feasible, you will be surprised to learn that the game is actually highly playable, with a very good feel, especially for the oversteer that it implements flawlessly, to create a very engaging arcade type game. So, if you don't mind the fact that you'll be controlling a speeding worm, which in all actuality will lose its charm very fast, you will have fun with it. The graphics are colorful and sport an interesting combination of true 3D elements with Mode 9 like sprites that rush in and with all sort of cool power ups littering the game world. What you might feel like a bit of a letdown, especially if you played the original Mario Kart, is the very similar nature of this game, which, if it wasn't for the worm theme, manages to lift most of its tricks from that. However, for a short while, this can be a fun, wacky arcade racer, and it will make for a good banter with your more serious gamer friends.

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