Buck Rogers 2 - Matrix Cubed

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox SSI First person Science Fiction

RPG game with a great plot and good vareity

This RPG game is based on a comic from Buck Rogers and is the second and the last part of this amazing series. The plot is that you are hurled into the world of 25th century where you experience an epic struggle, political intrigue and some very brilliant and advanced technologies. Earth has been deprived of its charm and glory through the corporation between Russia and America and this corporation is fueled by the endless exploitation of the Erath's resources. Now your mission being a member of the Buck Rogers group is to revive the Erath glory for which you will go on to Mars where you will find a scientist. The scientist will brief you about his amazing theory through which he can develop a machine that will convert matter in any desirable form. Before you could get him back to you base for allowing him to meet Buck Rogers, he gets kidnapped by some terrorist group and now your mission is to get him free and bring him to your base. The plot is as amazing and interesting as it can be and the graphics are also quite good. A lot of variety in terms of the options and game-play is added this time. The game has proved to be a great successor to the Original Buck Rogers released back in 1990.

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