Symantec Game Pack

Puzzle 1991 Dos Symantec Design Tool

Pack of 6 minigames, parlor themed overall medium in quality

This game bundle, while alright quality wise is just not that enticing, given that it doesn't offer you some assortment of original games. Nope, what it offers you is just your regular, bread and butter, parlor games, the likes of jacks, smart dots, memory blocks and sticks. Alright, if you consider parlor games more of the betting type, then look at this bundle as a children's type games. Anyway, all of the games included are generally mediocre looking, with graphics that don't seem to want to create some more interesting experience, but rather are happy just to function, from a technical standpoint. Take for instance the Sticks minigame: it uses multicolored lines that represent the sticks and a white background. I mean, come on, they weren't even trying! But, I guess, for a Win 3.1 enthusiast, they will surely do the trick and transport you to that time period. So, half of the deal with this bundle will be nostalgia, and the other half will be a love for minimalist, almost ugly interfaces, and of course, the love for old childhood games/parlor games. Can' wholeheartedly recommend this bundle but can't find it fault to tell you to avoid it either.

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